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Usually the more outwardly likable of the two parents, thanks in part to the editing and in part to Kate's severity, and sometimes playing the uncredited role of Child No. The show was a huge hit for, first Discovery Health, which aired the show's first two seasons in 2007, and then TLC, which took over in January 2008.The fourth-season finale on March 23, 2009, was the most-watched episode of the series yet, attracting 4.6 million viewers and beating NBC, CBS, Fox and The CW among women ages 18 to 34.The sextuplets were born 10 weeks premature, which is common in cases of multiple births.They received local media coverage until the sextuplets were 17 months old, when Discovery Health offered the couple a reality series chronicling the lives of their family.According to a source, Gosselin asked Zarin “for media advice.” Sounds like he could really use it!Tell us in the comments section: Does Jon Gosselin need to slow his roll, or is he just sowing his wild oats after escaping from a miserable marriage?The Discovery Health special, called Surviving Sextuplets and Twins, first aired in September 2005.One year later, the family was featured in another special titled Sextuplets and Twins: One Year Later.

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The general rhythm of the show was this: Kate doled out the discipline, made most of the decisions (including the unpopular ones), the kids played and bickered and were usually pretty cute, and Jon was...there.

Hailey, then 22, came home from college, and the two began dating.

In Hailey’s November episode of “My Life is a Lifetime Movie,” she says that’s when the scrutiny began.

A smaller audience had met the Gosselins on featured Jon and Kate, at the time having been married for eight years after first meeting at a picnic in 1997, taking their kids to a pumpkin patch, the most innocuous of family outings.

The reality TV star may have been talking about her physical appearance at the time, but she has said that she doesn't recognize anything about the person she was 10 years ago, when—initially just to create a better life for their eight children—she and then-husband Jon Gosselinsigned on to do a whole series revolving around their family for TLC.


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