Skyrim quest log not updating

I still struggled, knowing it to be futile, as they attached my wrists to manacles hanging from the ceiling, my ankles to iron rings sunk into the ground*. " A rough-clothed man, hair like dirty straw, smiling as wide as a lecherous saber cat. No more auctioneer sound.4.34 - No longer need DCL to use Raven's Beak4.33 - Bug Fixes.3.92 - Fixed Slaverun and Hi D blackouts. 1.3 - SD and So T integration working1.21 - Bug fixes1.2 - SD Integration, maybe1.1 - Market moved indoors1.0 - DA Integration0.09 - Attempts at DA integration0.08 - Found missing script.0.07 - Start So T after bidding.0.06 - A rough bidding scene.0.05 - Main slaver now exists, and talking to him will start the enslavement quest.

The gag kept me from spitting at him; a glare was the best I could muster. Fixed outside the cage issue.3.91 - Bug fixes3.81 - Added Submissive Lola and Slaverun Reloaded. DA integration now optional without extra effort or files.3.72 - Improved bridge from other mods - now unequips player and adds bindings. Although nothing else will happen yet.0.045 - A crowd of bidders has gathered.0.04 - A buyer is watching!

Other users say there is no conflict and it all works great.

After meeting Spider in the electronics store and asking her about the holotapes, the quest is started with an objective of “listen to the first holotape in the series”, she gives you the holotape but after listening to it, the quest stage is not updated until listening to the second tape.

Some users have said they feel there is a conflict between this Mod and Alternat Start Mods like "Live Another Life".

The words were a balm, but I knew in my soul they were void of meaning.

I hope.3.71 - Added bridge for SLUTS and Play Submissive.3.6 - Fixed and improved SD and cage, added autosave3.5 -Cuffs, unrepeatable enslavements, other improvements3.4 - Buyers should now sit still and pay better attention. Got a huge headache.2.74 - Added Bane_Master's fix; first attempts at incorporating DC, Hi D, ME, and WC2.82.73 - Arbiter fixed the CD problem. Also, some cosmetic changes to the market.0.032 - Auction market created.0.03 - Cage moved to Riften's back door. Does the cage come with a lock and steel made by Eorlund the great himself on the Skyforge?


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