Who is anita baker dating

It’s Saturday.'” Baker, who’s currently prepping the release of her eighth studio album, , is pleased with where she’s at with her love life.

After one performance, she was discovered by bandleader David Washington, who gave her a card to audition for the funk band, Chapter 8.

In 1986, she rose to stardom following the release of her platinum-selling second album, Rapture, which included the Grammy-winning single "Sweet Love".

She is regarded as one of the most popular singers of soulful romantic ballads during the height of the quiet storm period of contemporary R&B in the 1980s.

And now, her professional career in sports journalism also looks good.

I think you will like them, ” were the words my friend Layron said to me on Facebook as I was searching for something to listen to on Apple Music (For the old people, King is a R&B female group, not T. “Cool,” I say, “Do they sing about sex or how a nigga did them wrong over a Trap beat? Responding with the side eye emoji, Layron states, “You can’t be ratchet all your life. As a teenager, I memorized the verses of Kim, Foxy, and Trina. Michelle is my spirit animal (I just saw my future bae run for the hills after that confession). Nevermind that Trina had talked me into pulling over for VVS studs and calling myself the Diamond Prince at some point in life.


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